Car Audio Products

Car Audio Products

Conveniently located in central Tampa Bay, OTS Mobile Audio is a local authorized dealer and installer of many car audio equipment manufacturers.

Why choose an Authorized Dealer?

Why choose an Authorized Dealer over online and mail order resellers or mass merchants?

The answer is simple: Reliability, supply, and warranty. As an authorized dealer, we receive our shipments directly from the manufacturer, while other resellers receive their products from third parties. Because these resellers, i.e., mass retailers, focus on the profit rather than the product itself, the value deteriorates while the prices go up. Warranty claims will not be honored and no additional support will be provided.

At OTS Mobile Audio, we have trained and knowledgeable staff who will help you determine which audio system is right for your individual needs. We only sell the latest and most reliable products of the highest quality, and we provide a warranty on each purchase. We also offer installations as well as any post-purchase support you might require.


Audio Equipment Suppliers

Addictive Addictive

Addictive Audio


Founded in 1999, Addictive Audio strives to bring consumers quality audio products at affordable prices. Addictive Audio is only sold through Authorized Dealers with retail locations. This ensures that our products will be installed professionally to back the performance and quality we engineer into every product. The goal is for you and everyone that hears your sound system to get HOOKED.

Arc Audio Since ARC Audio’s conception in 1998, ARC Audio has created one of the worlds largest networks of dedicated professionals, championship competitors and qualified dealers, each showing their commitment in sharing the vision of creating one of the largest family oriented networks in the mobile electronics industry.
With product lines including exclusive car audio amplifier and sound processor designs by Robert Zeff and speakers and subwoofers designed by leading engineers in the USA and Denmark ARC Audio is your home one of the most diverse selections of audio products for your automobile or motorcycle. Experience the same level of musical perfection and acoustical ecstasy in your own vehicle with the same products that has led ARC Audio to more multiple worldwide IASCA, MECA & Emma sound quality championships by making ARC Audio part of your personalized in vehicle musical experience. DD

DD Audio

Since 1986, we have been building products for the Pro Audio Industry, Marine Industry, Mobile Audio, Home Audio, Industrial Applications and OEM Applications that are still in use around the world. We take pride in our role as an American design and manufacturing company, offering high quality products for everyone.


Hybrid Audio

The goal of Hybrid Audio Technologies is to develop the world’s finest car audio loudspeakers. Hybrid Audio-equipped vehicles have won more IASCA® North American Championships and IASCA® World Championships since 2006 than all other front-stage speaker manufacturers combined.


Krome Loud Speakers

Krome Audio Loudspeakers are designed to produce the extreme output that is necessary in the vehicles with multiple subwoofers. Clear and accurate sound reproduction will not only allow you to be the loudest, but will also allow you to enjoy the music. The impregnated cloth fiber surrounds, cast aluminum baskets, long strand Kevlar reinforced paper pulp cones, and larger than standard voice coils are what make Krome Audio Loudspeakers dominate. GET LOUDER with less speakers!


Memphis Car Audio

Memphis, TN – It’s the birthplace of the blues and rock & roll. The roots of soul and hip-hop are still flowing through these muddy waters. Memphis music is the real deal, whether at home on the porch or in the garage, cruising the avenue or rocking the concert hall. It’s haunting, soul-searching, pulsating emotion in four/four time.
The Memphis sound is raw and powerful. Diverse. True to the street. If you’ve heard it, you’ll never forget it. If you haven’t, it’s time to take your ride to Memphis.
We have been in the aftermarket car audio business for over 40 years. From the early days of under-dash 4-tracks, to the modern day monster amplifiers, we’ve been with you since the very beginning. Get in and ride with Memphis Car Audio for the next 40.

We’ve got lots of Memphis Car Audio products on display and in stock! Check out our 2008 Acura Memphis build and hear it for yourself.

We Customize ALL Automotive Vehicles


Audio Integration Suppliers

iSimple iSimple

iSimple Solutions

iSimple was founded in 2006 and quickly became a consumer electronics innovator by offering a wide array of high-technology products that help consumers to get the most out of their smartphones, tablet computers and mp3 players while in their car, at home or on the go.

PAC Audio

PAC Audio

The Pacific Accessory Corporation – better known as PAC – has been a major player in the OEM integration business since the 1970’s, back when the 8-track player was the iPod® of the day and replacing a radio involved hours of cutting and splicing.

Fast forward 30+ years to the present and PAC is an established and trusted leader in the mobile electronics industry and the world’s largest and most advanced supplier of OEM integration solutions. But, even though we have grown beyond our wildest dreams, our goal now – as it was back in the 70’s – is simple: to provide distributors, dealers and installers with the latest products, solutions, support and training necessary to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold is a premier manufacturer of high-end mobile audio products, featuring award winning amplifiers, speakers, processors and subwoofers for audiophiles who are serious about the sound of their music. Since 1985, Phoenix Gold has dared to be different, never afraid to take chances with product design, engineering and innovation. 2012 is no different, Phoenix Gold is constantly exploring new technologies, driven to elevate the standard of excellence. We proudly introduce the Elite series which provides the highest performance in mobile audio today. In addition, the ultra popular and small SD amplifier series has expanded further to include two 1300 watt models that will fit just about anywhere. Never before has so much power been available in such a small package.

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