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There is nothing like relaxing in the yard while the sun is shining. Music plays a vital role in helping us unwind in our backyards, whether alone or having friends and family over for a BBQ.

Outdoor Brands We Trust

Rockustics Rockustics

Ultra-Fidelity Outdoor Speakers

Since 1987 Rockustics has been hand-building the industry’s best rock speakers in Denver, Colorado and Lenexa, Kansas. Over the years the line has grown to encompass 27 models of superior, all-weather outdoor speakers for home and commercial applications. World-wide our speakers can be found almost anywhere, from backyards, to theme parks, office complexes, hotels and resorts such as Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Hershey Park, Sea World, Six Flags, Las Vegas Casinos, the White House and many more. Over the years, Rockustics has been the recipient of numerous awards for both sound and aesthetic design.



Technology should be incorporated into architecture. This simple belief continues to drive everything we do. Hidden audio solutions provide a balanced, even sound experience that blends seamlessly into any style, budget, or installation.



SunBrite TVs offer 50% to 3 times higher brightness, reduced glare, and a sharper picture than typical indoor TVs. This provides an ideal viewing experience in brighter outdoor environments.


Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers are developed to withstand the elements of the outdoors, including water, frost, dust, and UV exposure. This is based on the speaker’s IP rating, which is a system for determining environmental resistance. All-Weather, Climate, Climate Garden, and Vecta speaker ranges from Monitor Audio are all IP certified for outdoor use. A basic stereo system would be an excellent option for a small deck or patio area directly outside your home. It’s recommended that the speakers be set no more than 3 yards apart for the optimum stereo experience. Due to the huge placement distance between the left and right speakers, it will provide better music coverage than placing a single stereo speaker in the area.

Patio Speaker Systems

Climate and Vecta speaker range from Monitor Audio can be mounted on the external wall of your home or exterior ceilings. It’s recommended putting the All-Weather in-ceiling speakers if a porch covers your patio. They will provide incredible sound quality while being hidden in your porch ceiling! You will need a proper stereo amplifier to operate your speakers, which should be housed either inside your home or in a weather-protected location.

Climate Garden satellite speakers (CLG-140 and CLG-160) from Monitor Audio can be hidden in the garden with a specially designed ground spike (CLG-SPIKE R) or mounted on exterior walls with its mount (CLG-MOUNT). With an appropriate 70/100 V line level multi-channel amplifier and a suitable 70/100 V line level satellite, you may position many satellites in your garden and at more considerable distances without sacrificing power output.

You may also add outdoor subwoofers to your multi-speaker system, such as the CLG-W10 or CLG-W12, which can be buried in the ground to provide a subtle boom to your system. The CLG-W10 can be utilized on decking or a patio if you don’t want to dig in your subwoofer.

Outdoor Television

For an outdoor environment, not just any TV will do. The location of the television in reference to the sun must be considered. Are you and your visitors going to watch the big game in the shade, or will you be watching it in the sun? When it comes to outdoor home theater, there are a variety of options. An outdoor projection system with a screen that may be hidden when not in use may be preferable.

Outdoor televisions and projectors serve pretty distinct functions. If you want a permanent arrangement, an outdoor TV is generally the way to go; if you only want to watch outside on occasion, a projector that you keep inside and set up when you want it would serve the best purpose.

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