Our Team


We’re proud of our team and their accomplishments and we value education. Every member of the team is a Mobile Electronics Certified Professional. In addition, we’ve also trained and certified on the multitude of products we install, to include: Lutron, Lytx, Mobileye, and URC.


Our Team

The Best in the Business

  • MECP Certified
  • Lytx Certified
  • Mobileye Certified
  • Lutron Pro Certified
  • URC Certified




Owner / President

A hands on “boss” who works in as well as on the business. Originally from Queens, NY, Will has called Tampa Bay home since 2008. His love of Car Audio and all things music has driven him to lead this certified team in all aspects of automotive, home, and marine entertainment equipment and installations.
Will stays in-tune with the industry by attending national conferences and hosting nationally recognized Sound Quality competitions right here in Oldsmar.
When not busy with all this, the OTS family gets together for grilling, boating, or other local events.


Store Manager

Chris’ goal at OTS Audio is provide the best customer experience with your best car audio solution. From a simple backup camera to high-end sound quality masterpiece and to make sure you get everything you’re looking for. “I have an amazing son! I have built 3 out of 4 cars that competed at sound quality finals in 2021 in Arkansas.” Chris has multiple MECP certifications. Chris has been able to share his gathered knowledge over the last 25 years to help with every client project. “I compete at a very high level in the sound quality league and am also a sound quality judge.”

In his free time, he loves being a dad, working out and making some good BBQ.


Design and Sales Manager

Steven’s role is communicating with OTS clients, project managing and everyday store day-to-day operations. When you call or visit the showroom, Steven will make sure OTS gets it done. “I have been blessed to do, what I love to do, for a living.” Steven knows his stuff. What you need and how to do the project correctly thanks to over 25 years in the audio and video industry. “I recommend the absolute best solution for the long-term. I take every project like if it was my own.”

In his free time, he loves watching movies on his theater system, enjoys entertaining family and friends  while cooking slow and low on his smokers.


Lead Tech / Installer

Josh’s top priority is to create customer satisfaction through flawless installs within a timely manner. Car stereo has always been a passion of his and possesses 20+ years of experience and multiple MECP certifications.

Competed in IDBL/IASCA. Built 2 SPL vehicles.


GPS Supervisor and Install Tech

James’ goal is to ensure that all GPS trackers, dash cameras, and driver facing cameras are installed and verified correctly and has a strong passion for car audio. He is very acquainted with many different vehicles, able to take it apart and put it back together without a hassle.

In his free time, he likes to be with his daughter. his whole world,  He can’t be more proud of being a father.

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Certified Technician