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SiriusXM satellite radio has changed the way that people listen to the radio in their cars. You can get the content that’s not available on over the air radio and you can get it commercial free. There are literally dozens of music stations available along with professional and collegiate sports games, news, talk radio, and even ethnic programming. There is something for everyone. If you are ready to listen, get a satellite radio installed in your car today.

Types of Satellite Radio

There are two different kinds of satellite radios available for your car audio system: the dock and play radios and the dedicated radios. A third option does exist and this is using your smartphone with a SiriusXM internet app subscription. It’s less than ideal for two reasons, first, your listening is confined to where you can get a data signal, and second, depending on your data plan it can become very expensive. It’s a smarter choice to go with one of the first two options. dock and play satellite radio

Dock and Play Kits

Dock and Play kits are an easy way to add SiriusXM to your car audio system. They are sold as kits and come with an antenna, a dock, mounting brackets, and the radio itself. The antenna magnetically attaches to your outside roof. The dock attaches to a convenient place on your dash. The radio plugs into the dock for power and antenna connections. Audio is delivered through either an FM radio tuner or an audio-in cable. xm ready stereo

SiriusXM Ready Radios

SiriusXM-ready car stereos are the best ones to use for satellite radio. The in-dash car audio systems are ready for SiriusXM. You only need to purchase a SiriusXM tuner that can sit behind the dash. SiriusXM is then available through your current car audio system. There is usually a separate antenna that will need to be installed and there is installation work needed behind the dash to properly hook it up. Because it is a well-integrated system, the audio quality is very good and it’s the premium way to enjoy satellite radio.


Accessories make all the difference when truly enjoying your SiriusXm radio. If you go with a dock and play radio, you can buy a home dock and you can have your SiriusXM radio in your house when you want and in your car when you need it.


Professional installation is recommended for both types of SiriusXm radios. It’s pretty important to use a  professional installer with SiriusXm ready radio to make sure you are getting the best, and safest, connection. Getting professional installation for a dock and play radio is also a must. Our experienced installers can place your radio in the right location and ensure that the audio sounds good entering your stereo system. Moreover, power cables, including cigarette lighter adapters, can be hidden behind the dash to keep everything looking clean and neat. No matter which option you choose to start enjoying satellite radio in your car, OTS Mobile Audio is available to answer any questions and help you begin. You can install a Dock and Play radio and get started right away, or you can install a SiriusXM ready radio and combine it with a SiriusXM tuner for a premium audio experience. Contact us when you are ready to experience the best of satellite radio.

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