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Texting and Driving

Public Service Announcements have warned repeatedly about the dangers of texting and driving. It is even now banned to be distracted by technology in the state of Florida. Despite the obvious dangers of texting and driving, people still do it. Many people will find they have difficulty avoiding checking those messages on their phone and literally can not seem to stay away from this unsafe and illegal practice.

ORIGO (a Virginia based company) is making sure that the temptation can be avoided. It is a way that individuals can make sure they don’t accidentally text while¬†driving.
There are some ways to be able to stop texting and driving without the use of ORIGOSafe, but let’s be realistic… it can be worked around. Apps and other services provided by mobile phone service providers just do not guarantee anything.

Texting and Driving

ORIGOSafe Guarantees Safety

Put simply: The phone goes in the device or the car doesn’t start.

Now, that can be extremely obnoxious, understandably, but it still allows connections to devices like that new Bluetooth car stereo that you just got installed. You can still listen to your music and make phone calls, hands-free of the device, and on the wheel where they belong.

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