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Police Scanners


With a properly programmed and installed police scanner radio you can listen to most:

  • State Police and Highway Patrol agencies
  • County and Local Police
  • County and Local Fire
  • State Highway DOT Units
  • CB Radio and FRS/GMRS Radio
  • Railroads, Airplanes, Marine and More

Scanners help answer questions such as:

  • Where might I run into a tie-up?
  • Why is there traffic here?
  • Where might speed traps be?
  • What are road conditions like ahead?

OTS Audio is equipped to properly install your scanner exactly for the Tampa Bay area and wherever your destination is.

Here are some configuration options:

  1. The Home Patrol is the ultimate mobile scanner, fully pre-programmed for all of North America with an amazing optional GPS interface which automatically scans the area in which you are actually driving. The Home Patrol can be windshield or dash-mounted.
  2. A small portable scanner that mounts in your center console or glove box connected to an in-car stealth antenna.
  3. A standard mobile scanner either mounted under-dash, in-dash, under-seat or in your truck with our remote head technology, with or without the amazing GPS option.
  4. CBIntercept: Intercept audio from your two-way radio and scanner or any other radio receiving device and mute the vehicle stereo.

Install a Police Scanner in your Vehicle

For Safety, Security and Entertainment Stay aware of road, traffic and trap conditions with real-time, reliable, information – HEARD DIRECT FROM THE SOURCE.

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