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We Sell Wheels up to 30″

Switching out the wheels that come with your new car is one of the easiest and painless ways to customize a vehicle so that it stands out from the rest. Today, the aftermarket industry is huge with varied options, including stronger or larger wheels.

Custom Wheel Brands

OTS Mobile Audio can provide products from a variety of trusted brands, such as the following:

Since the mid 50s, American Racing has been designing high strength-to-weight cutting-edge custom wheels. The 50s could have been considered the golden age of racing when Americans were overwhelmed with the desire to customize their cars. Here, you’ll be able to find an American Racing wheel that fits your needs and vehicle perfectly.

First established in 1970, the German company BBS has offices stateside in Georgia to better serve its American customers. Motorsports were always an inspiration for BBS, leading to the development of high-performance aluminum wheels. In addition to this, custom wheels by BBS are built to brake better while still maintaining their flawless finishes.

Those who were customizing cars in the 60s might remember the Cragar S/S Super Sport Wheel. This was the design that helped launch Cragar Wheels into a strong position with a great reputation that withstands the test of time even today in the racing, street rod and street machine circles. These days, Cragar has several styles for steel and aluminum wheels that can fit any wallet or vehicle.

One of the most respected wheel manufacturers in Japan, Enkei has good reason for its reputation — it can truly deliver great wheels. They’re attractive without being over the top, and the subtle designs have a number of additional safety features to mitigate the normal damages of impact. For instance, the spokes might be flush to protect the rim from damage. Overall, Enkei’s wheels are mostly for Japanese cars, but there are a number of German and American cars that can still benefit.

With headquarters in Huntington Beach, California, Foose is another well-known brand in the industry of custom wheels. Today, Foose offers several kinds of custom wheel options with specializations for hot rods and other racing cars. Most rims fall between 15 to 26 inches, adding luxurious style to your ride and brand new wheels.

Custom Wheel Sizes

When you’re looking for a bigger ride, the first step is to figure out what size you’re looking for. OTS can provide custom wheels ranging from 18 to 30 inches based on your performance needs and what your vehicle can handle.


Custom Wheel Styles

It’s in the name — custom wheels means getting a say in all parts of the design process. In particular, you’ll have the option to decide which style and material of wheel you want installed onto your car, such as black, chrome, a concave design, off-road design, donk suspension, stance rims.

Steel wheels were popular for a time, but the weight heavily penalized street racers, leading to the exploration of magnesium — a metal well known for being just as strong as aluminum but lighter than the material. While it seemed good, magnesium will actually corrode in just a matter of hours without regular polishing. Beyond that, they are also flammable and could catch fire that can’t easily be put out by water.

That said, when some people refer to “mag wheels,” they are actually referring to an aluminum alloy. Most alloy wheels are painted. Some might opt to swap for a chrome plating instead or an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber wheel instead.

Custom Wheels Installation

After choosing the set you’d like from the OTS wheel selection, you’ll need to install them to the vehicle after swapping the old one. When replacing pairs of tires at a time, you should place the newer ones on the rear first; this allows easier control on roads after raining since the treads are deeper and can resist hydroplaning with less effort. Of course, this is not an issue when you purchase four tires at once. Because of the demanding nature of installing tires, OTS will complete all installation on site.

Once you’ve installed a new set of custom wheels, it’s a good idea to re-torque the lug hardware for the first 100 miles. Consider that the wheels are brand new, so they need to break in and compress a bit, which can cause them to drop some torque. For any questions, or to place an order and make an appointment, contact us at OTS Mobile Audio right away!

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