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Custom Wheels and Rims

People often use the terms wheels and rims as if they mean the same thing. For the most part, people will know what you’re talking about even if you use the term incorrectly, but there is actually a difference.
Some folks also refer to the entire metal wheel as the rim — to differentiate it from the tire surrounding it, but even that is not quite accurate. People will talk about getting custom rims or getting custom wheels, and they are basically talking about the same thing: buying new wheels for their cars. They will probably buy new tires as well, because buying beautiful new custom wheels and then slapping your ugly, old tires on them misses the point. So the terms, “wheel” and “rim” often mean the same thing in regular conversation.

But technically, there is a difference, and if you are looking to get custom wheels for your car or truck, then it could be helpful to use these terms more precisely. That will enable you to communicate more effectively with the sales and installation personnel at your custom wheel shop when explaining what you are looking for.

So what is the difference between wheels and rims? Let’s find out.

What Is The Difference Between Wheels And Rims?

Technically, the rim is the outer edge of your wheel, the outer ring of metal where the rubber tire attaches to the wheel. You might literally picture a ring that you wear on your finger. Now imagine holding up that ring next to the wheels on your car. Do you see the “ring” part of your wheel, there? That is the rim of the wheel. There are other parts that make up the whole wheel, but the rim is technically just that outer section that touches the tire.

Parts Of A Wheel

  • center or hub
  • rim
  • tire
  • lug nuts
  • hub cap
  • spokes

The center of the wheel is often referred to as the hub. This is the part of the wheel that attaches to the car’s axle. It is bolted to the axle and secured with several lug nuts. Those lug nuts must be tightly fastened, so they should be checked every now and then to make sure they don’t wiggle free.

The lug nuts are sometimes covered with a hub cap, a circular disc right in the center of the wheel. The hub cap helps to keep dust and moisture away from the lug nuts. This is important, because you don’t want your lug nuts getting rusty, as that would make it extremely difficult to remove them when changing a flat tire or replacing your wheels.

Extending from the center of the wheel out to the rim (outer edge) are several spokes. There may be only four or five wide spokes, or there may be dozens of skinny ones.

Then of course, we have the outer ring/edge of the wheel — the rim — and attached snugly around the rim we have the tire.

Custom Wheel and Tire installation in Oldsmar, FL

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