Problem / Solution

This client brought us his boat because the marine stereo didn’t sound good. The surrounds on his entry level Clarion speakers were all rotted out, and his radio did not have Bluetooth. 

He wanted to be able to rock it out at the sandbar, so we went with Fusion’s Apollo Marine Entertainment System Model #MS-RA670, and a MS-ARX70 Wireless Remote. We also upgraded all eight of his speakers to the Wet Sounds REVO series and enlarged 4 of his existing 6.5″ to 8.” We always recommend going to a larger size speaker if possible. The larger speakers hit the lower frequency notes better, and handle more power. We also added 2 10″ Wetsounds REVO Subwoofers, along with a Wetsounds Sinister SDX-6 Amplifier putting almost 1200 watts to this system!

Additional Marine Stereo Features

  • Full color LCD touchscreen with Bluetooth and a wireless remote.
  • Color changing RGB LED light rings added to each speaker.
  • Wet Sounds flagship Sinister series amplifier (best one they make)

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